From Soil to Skin

We love the farm to table movement and believe that eating close to the source matters. We apply this same concept to what you put on your skin every day. For the next few months, we’ll be sharing why we pick the ingredients we do and inviting you to share ingredients you love – all so our community can connect the dots between what we slather on our skin and what’s inside.

Picking Fresh Lavender

Picking Fresh Lavender


Join us on our ‘Smart by Nature’ Journey

As you can see by the insert on our home page for Tomboy Soap Company, we are  ‘up to something’.  I know many of you love the ‘Tomboy’ name for our company and adore the ‘Bee’ logo.  However, when we began this adventure a few years ago (more on that later), we found the ‘Tomboy’ name to be somewhat confusing to our customers. Some knew it was based on the Tomboy Mine in Telluride and the wonderful history that was talked about in the book, Tomboy Bride. Others wanted to buy the product because ‘their daughter is a tomboy’ (you know who you are!).

So, after much soul searching and work with a wonderful team, who you will hear about later, we are upgrading our name, packaging and website. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Tomboy Soap Company will become Smart By Nature

Our new packaging will use  Treeless Paper (very cool stuff) and our new look will be colorful, fun and full of tidbits to help you understand why we use the ingredients we do. Nature will be a major focal point of our photography. It will surely inspire you.

We will be regularly adding tidbits about how things are changing and where you can help us! And, where we can help YOU! One thing, you can be sure, we will not be compromising the wonderful quality of our products! As things change we will make sure you can still find us easily.

Cleaning Up In Telluride!

Tomboy Soap signed up as a participant in Colorado’s Adopt-A-Highway Program to help keep the roads clean of litter along the main road into the  Town of Telluride, Hwy 145. We have a 2 mile stretch that we manage. We dressed in our yellow and orange garb to avoid becoming ‘road pizza’ and armed with our gripper sticks hit the road, so to speak. We received lots of waves from locals and tourists while doing our duty.